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NavMed Consulting Case Study

NavMed Consulting is a boutique consulting firm based in Tulsa, Oklahoma that helps healthcare providers and healthcare startups build profitable and scalable businesses. 

This case study follows how we were able to go from nothing to an effective, professional website that’s bringing NavMed four-figure clients (ranging from $2500 to $8000 per client) month after month. (29).jpg

The Problems

“My company was a start-up, which made it even harder for us to create a website. Questions such as what message do we want to send, and who do we want to work with, all played a part in
creating a viable website.”

Thomas Fondren, Owner, NavMed Consulting

  • Needing to establish credibility and trust as a new company

  • Communicating NavMed’s wide array of services  in a clear, easy-to-understand way

  • Creating a website that converts the right people (24).jpg

The Solution

To solve these problems, NavMed Consulting needed a website that was professional, easy to use, and spoke to their ideal clients (and made it easy for them to take action).

  • In-depth market research

  • Professional, simple design that builds trust and credibility

  • Easy-to-navigate website that appeals to their target clients

The Result

Growing flow of four-figure clients (and some ongoing clients)

“Our client flow continues to grow each and every month. The value of each client has varied, but the range has been from $2500 - $8000. We have also began working with a few companies on an ongoing, hourly basis.”

Attracting the right people to NavMed

“It also seems the initial calls we do get are more informed and better possible clientele. We get very little spam inquiries now.”


Better results for your business...

Because of the time and resources required for extensive research and a robust website building process, we only take on 2 new clients every month. 

If you want more clients, more revenue, and more time, click the red button and let's talk.

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